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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this is cynthia walker's world. hearing impaired since birth, cynthia is fluent in sign language, that in a world where others do not always understand, something as simple as trying to order fast food can be embarrassing. >> people look at us like -- what are we supposed to do? we always had to do the ordering fouror her. greg: they heard about a cashier at chick-fil-a who helped hearing-impaired customers with their order. so, they went there. she started signing and was instantly surprised and overjoyed when the cashier responded. >> if you notice on the video, she was looking at me like -- is this working? she enjoyed doing this.
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senior. the restaurant manager did not know she could sign. would babysit me and i would learn. greg: meanwhile, cynthia's story is going viral as a simple order of chicken nuggets brings new hope to a world of silence. >> their lives are difficult enough. greg: and she plans to talk to other business owners in the area about teaching their employees basic sign language skills. in the meantime, a gofundme page has been set up to help cynthia walker get a service card. you can go to and see this story over and over again. it really does touch you right there, guys. joel: every time.
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joel: now to stories from raleigh, durham, and greensboro, including the pay gap between women and men. anna: and a welcome home ceremony for members of the 82nd. joel: but we began with international women's day. it's a new focus on the pay differential between men and women. the gap is large, but gloria rodriguez reports on the new task force being formed to even things out. >> the disparity is $.79 to be dollar. in wake county, women make $.69 to the dollar. reporter: that is why the board of commissioners established a new group.
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>> the goal is to come back with actionable items we can move forward with. reporter: kim hunter owns a korean restaurant. she supports the task force. >> i'm really excited to about it. >> i have always tried personally to do my best. that's what i encourage other themselves. reporter: 18 members will make up this task force. they will present a report on how to improve disparity. gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: all right, glory, thank you. from our durham newsroom -- citizens donated to the rescue mission after the governor lost his super bowl bet with
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he donated carolina turkey burgers and sausages to the colorado food bank and then to local shelters as well. joel: enjoy it, colorado. in the meantime, from our fayetteville newsroom, fort bragg preparing for a big event, a welcome home ceremony for the more than 100 50 paratroopers returning home after nine months in iraq. they will also be bringing back the unit's colors, marking the official return of the unit. the o.j. simpson murder trial once again captivating the
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anna: fistfights over oj? >> yeah. joel: thank you. i have to admit i am hooked. anna: it is riveting. i can't believe we are still talking about it. he has a box of newspaper clippings. joel: all over again. a father receiving a call from his son -- >> i do not know what came over him. he just snapped. anna: it turns out that his seventh grade son did nothing wrong. joel: and the starbucks and which under recall. but first, here is what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: angry residents demanding answers, claiming toxic water
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ted cruz landing in raleigh. why did he cancel a rally? other candidates headed to north carolina. her husband, a legend. dean smithville wife telling lawmakers what it is like to care for someone with the men
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steve and i willjoel: tonight, tennis superstar mary -- maria sharapova facing new fallout after failing a drug test. two sponsors have distanced themselves from the winner. she says that she did not know the drug she was using for a medical condition was banned by the anti-doping agency this year. her eight-year deal with nike is
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anna: starbucks is recalling prepackaged breakfast sandwiches because of listeria fear. it is the sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese on a in english -- on an english muffin. the sandwiches were sold in arkansas, texas, and oklahoma. no one has reported getting sick . they are pulling the sandwich anyway. still ahead -- reporter: this is the first of many for chapel hill. they hope it will stop pedestrian fidelity's and we
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state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight to save everything we believe in.
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across the state, including a search for suspects in a jewelry store heist. joel: and a school psychologist facing charges for assaulting a student. anna: let's start in lincoln county. in mother was driving her children to school this morning and died in a wreck on highway 50. the woman was driving a minivan carrying her children, ages two and seven. another car crossed the center line and swerved into her. the drivers said that he was swerving to avoid a deer. the two-year-old was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. at joel: -- joel: in mecklenburg county, police are looking for a bandit used a van to crash into a jewelry store.
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then the thieves grab the jewels. the crooks were gone by the time police arrived and there were no witnesses. anna: a union county school psychologist faces charges of assaulting a student. police were called to the school after a 14-year-old said she was assaulted. 53-year-old dale campbell is suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. the student's father said that he got a call that his son was misbehaving in class. >> i thought my son was misbehaving may be. i was going to have to talk to him or something. he said, he is not in trouble, but i need you. anna: the boy's parents say the assault left him with bruises on his back and hip and he will not go back to school until the situation is resolved.
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video showing a toddler knocked unconscious and the teacher did not notice. of the video shows him falling and hitting his head on the side of that table. his mother says her son was unconscious and laid on the floor unnoticed -- you can see the other children come over to try to help josiah. the teacher had her back to the toddler what she was changing diapers. the mother is upset she was never notified. state investigators are looking into the incident. one of our favorite stories of the day -- anna, you spent the day with a teacher redefining special needs education. anna: she's says that her exceptional kids need the experience of a lifetime. she will take 11 students to disney on an all expense paid
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the students range from kindergarten to fifth-grade and they have become like family. two years ago she was on "the kelly and michael show" as teacher of the year. the show sent her to the disney resort, and that is when she decided she would raise money to take her students to orlando. >> we take a big trip every year. i wanted these kids to have the same opportunities that the other kids do. >> otherwise they probably would not be able to go. just the excitement -- i can see the excitement on their faces, and they have worked so hard to get where they are. anna: there were many fundraising events. they raised $50,000 to take that trip.
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anna, elsa, woody, and buzz lightyear. joel: they will get plenty of autographs. chris, is this whether real? it seems to amazing to believe. chris: it's going to be -- joel: i am still amazed by the great weather outside. chris: you are right. it really is amazing, especially after the chilly weather later in february. it was not that long ago we had snow showers and flurries in the forecast. you are absolutely right. you can see behind me, downtown to room. folks are out and about. if you have not been to downtown durham in a while, you may be amazed at how it has changed. all of the restaurants, shops. there are a lot of nice places to go. check it out. a great evening. temperatures in the 70's, beautiful blue skies.
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60's through the evening hours. satellite picture shows beautiful weather here. a different story in the central u.s. thunderstorms erecting. severe rain a problem. it will be even more so next couple of days. there has been severe weather. there is a tornado watch. liz horton is standing by in a raleigh eyewitness news center on storms that have already caused some damage, right? liz: it has been an active day in texas as though storms move through. they caused major damage in dallas, texas. it snapped power lines. it took the roof off a mechanic shop, debris scattered all over the parking lot. the national weather service will be investigating to determine whether it was a tornado that touched down. tornadoes are a real threat this
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north carolina sees more tornadoes in the spring than any other time of year. we see roughly 26 tornadoes a year every year and three people die, 40 people injured each year. we will walk you through tips to keep you safe. if you are the tornado warning, you want to get to the lowest level of your home. it could be a basement or the first floor. once you are there, try to avoid the windows. you want a hall, pantry, closet. and you want to crouch down while you're in there and cover your head. things like pillows, mattresses, bike helmets are excellent to use to protect you from debris. tomorrow, the statewide tornado drill gets underway. at 9:30 a.m., government offices
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if you are not doing this at home, we encourage you to formulate a plan and practice it with your family. tomorrow is a great time to do that. it will help all of you stay safe. right, chris? chris: absolutely. were just getting into severe weather season, so thanks for those tips there. a beautiful night coming up. high pressure the coast. it stays there. that mean our weather stays there into tuesday. a beautiful pattern that will last through the end of the week. both days. highs tomorrow with more beautiful blue skies. mid 70's to near 80, pretty much like today. weekend. saturday, nothing more than a stray shower. the best shot of rain may be
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sunday, and even then scattered showers possible. we will find tune that as it gets closer. until then, we will enjoy the gorgeous weather we've got now. anna: it seems like you're having a good time in downtown durham, chris. chris: absolutely. it's very nice down here, yeah. anna: all right, chris. a splash of color comes t
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joel: chapel hill is hoping a blast of color makes the difference. they are getting rid of the standard zebra striping you see at the crosswalks. anna: it looks pretty good. the goal is to make sure that drivers can see walkers. stephanie lopez has more on how it is working. stephanie: the town has plans for five more, if the stripes hold up. it's all designed to make people take a closer look. >> people become complacent drivers if they see the same signs, the same crosswalk designs. stephanie: they are hoping that the new design will make the drivers more aware of pedestrians after 21 pedestrian accidents, including one fatal
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>> one is too many. our goal is to prevent any accidents that involve any type of injury. stephanie: it's an effort to make the network of sidewalks one of the best ways to get around. >> i think the crosswalks represent another step in the ongoing efforts the town has been making over the last decade or more to make sure all modes of transportation are given the same value. stephanie: in chapel hill, stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: thank you. chapel hill, so colorful, so creative area they do look cool. anna: here is what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: candidates converging on north carolina. steve: ted cruz in raleigh, but he canceled a raleigh.
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plus the latest visits by donald trump and hillary clinton. tisha: what they found inside.
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abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. carolina primary. good evening. steve: the political spotlight it is being called super tuesday ii. the focus shifts to next tuesday when north carolina, ohio, missouri, and illinois cast their votes. republican candidate ted cruz in raleigh this afternoon, donald trump in fayetteville tomorrow and hillary clinton expected somewhere in the triangle thursday. tisha: ted cruz was to hold a town hall in raleigh, abruptly canceling a rally and rescheduling for after the town hall. andrea blanford has more. andrea?
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got here found out afterwards that this would read dedicated, at least the first hour anyway, to ted cruz taping a town hall with fox news anchor megyn kelly. the team was running about a half hour late. they ended up scrapping the rally that was supposed to take place after the town hall and got on the road right away to where he is holding another campaign event as we speak. the energy and there was very much like a rally. the crowd of nearly 700 people breaking into applause and cheering loudly in support of his proposals. the candidate used his platform in a room full of supporters to reach voters at home who mays will be on the fence -- you may still be on the fence. even though he still trails donald trump in delegates, he says he is only candidate with a clear path to beating out the


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